Red River Lacrosse Association Constitution





This organization shall be known as the “Red River Lacrosse Association”.


The objectives of the Association are:

a)              to encourage and foster Box Lacrosse in the Association;

b)              by agreement with the MLA, to operate Box Lacrosse in the Association, and to decide and adjust any and all matters that may be in dispute; and

c)               to establish leagues for teams in the various age groups within its jurisdiction,



The Association will consist of one representative in good standing from each zone.  All representatives must be in good standing with their zone, the MLA and the CLA.  Each zone will name an alternate.  It shall be the responsibility of each zone to ensure that he or she or his or her representative be present at all Association meetings. 

1.1.  Expansion - Applications for new zones/areas wishing to enter the R.R.L.A. must be submitted prior to February 1st. of each playing season and voted on by the Executive Board.  $500.00 Fee to Accompany the application   

1.2   The Executive Board of the R.R.L.A. will establish all rules for expansion.


·       Must be a member in good standing to have voting privileges.

·       Each recognized zone will one have one (1) vote.

·       EACH MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVEof the Association will have one (1) vote.

·       A “pass” vote will be fifty percent plus one vote.  In the case of equality of votes, the Chairperson shall then cast his/her vote in order to break the tie.

·       No absentee voting shall be allowed.

·       An Executive Board member may request his/her vote to be recorded in the minutes.

Zone Associations

  • Each zone will provide a representative to the R.R.L.A. Executive Board.

  • Each representative must be elected at their Zone Association’s AGM.

  • Failure of the Zone Association to follow their operating policies may result in suspension. After a proper investigation and a majority vote of the RRLA Board.

  • Zone boundaries will remain as per their current descriptions. No boundary changes can be made without consultation with the Zones affected and the forming of a sub committee to facilitate any proposed changes.


All members of the Association in good standing are entitled to vote at all Annual or Special Meetings.


The officers as elected by the Association, shall be rested with the powers to conduct the affairs of the Association.

Usually once a year at the Annual General Meeting, the Association elects its Executive officers.  The election of Executive officers positions shall be alternated as follows, to ensure continuity (i.e.: all officers do no vacate office at one time):

Group 1 (Even Years)       1) President                      Group 2 (Odd Years)          2) Vice President


                                     3) Secretary                                                                              4)Treasurer


                                     5) Registrar                                                                              6) Referee in Chief


                                     7) Past President                                                                        8) Director of Women's Lacrosse


                     9) Director of Indigenous Initiatives                                                          10) Director at Large

Note:  Terms of office: 2 years

a) Maximum of two, 2 year terms unless position cannot be filled by election.

Note:  The position of Past President is not an elected position, length of term 2 years maximum.

Vacancy Positions of Executive Members

Note 6 b) Any Position on the Executive not filled by election at the Annual Meeting, and any vacancy occurring in any such office, shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Board.

Appointed annually

·       Elected Zone representatives


The Executive Board shall insure that the business and affairs of the Red River Lacrosse Association (R.R.L.A.) are conducted in accordance with the Association By-Laws and Operating Policies that may be enacted by the Executive Board from time to time.  In general, the Executive Board supports a position of open access of its members and shall give full consideration to the affairs brought to its attention by any officer or member in good standing.

Administrative Powers and Duties

The Executive Board shall:

a)    consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Referee in Chief, Past President and one representative per zone.

b)    determine the general operating policies with respect to the organization, administration and operation of the Association.

c)     operate the Box Lacrosse program at all levels.

d)    provide for the development of players, coaches and officials.

e)    make rules respecting the enrollment of players and their access to programs operated by the Association.

f)      consider questions brought before it, with dispatch, and with due consideration of the opinion of petitioners.

g)    serve to promote the game of Box Lacrosse in all its endeavors.

h)    determine registration fees and age categories for the current playing year.



The President shall exercise the powers and perform the duties assigned to him/her by the Executive Board of the Association and as such:

  • Will be an unbiased representation of all clubs equally. 
  • Will call all executive board meetings; be chairperson at each executive board meeting;
  • Will set the agenda for all executive board meetings;
  • Shall be an ex officio member of all committees of the Executive Board. 
  • Must have served one (1) year of the past two (2) years on executive board prior to election as President. Term of office - two (2) years. Voting position only in the event of a tie vote.
  • In the event the President resigns from this position they forfeit their right to the position of Past President.
  • Will be a signing authority for the R.R.L.A.

Vice President

  • Will have the same authority and responsibilities as the President in his/her absence.
  • Will review Operation Policy at end of year and make needed changes. Term of office -two (2) years.  Voting position.
  • Will be a signing authority for the R.R.L.A.

Past President

Term of office -two (2) years. Voting position.

  • Acts in an advisory capacity to the Association.


  • Will be responsible for recording minutes of executive board meetings and distributing minutes to executive members one (1) week prior to next scheduled meeting. 
  • An agenda for the next scheduled meeting will be distributed at the same time as the minutes as set by the President. Any correspondence to the Association will be distributed as necessary by the Secretary, and sent out by the Secretary as directed by the executive board.
  • Term of office - two (2) years. Voting Position. 


  • Will establish and maintain a bank account in the name of the R.R.L.A.
  • Will secure all bonds and fees from Zone Associations and deposit into the R.R.L.A. bank account.
  • Will conduct financial business on behalf of the Association and follow standard accounting procedures - Monthly statements and Financial Tracking. 

·       The authorized signatures on cheques will be any two (2) of the following persons: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and MLA Executive Director.

·       All mailings of bank statements of the R.R.L.A. must be sent to the attention of the Executive Director of the MLA. 

  • Will be a signing authority for the R.R.L.A.
  • Term of office - two (2) years.  Voting position.


  • Will be responsible for registering all players, coaching staff and Association Executive members of the R.R.L.A.  
  • Will work in cooperation with the Zones and the MLA office to ensure all registrations are submitted as per the R.R.L.A. and MLA timelines.
  • Term of office - two (2) years. Voting position.


Will schedule all R.R.L.A. games - regular season, play-offs and championships (as applicable.) 

  • Will ensure all Zones have up-to-date copies of schedules. 
  • Term of office - Selected, one (1) year. Non-voting position. 
  • Scheduler will provide a fee schedule to be approved by the R.R.L.A Executive at their budget meeting.

Referee in Chief

  • Will be responsible for ensuring all referees are evaluated
  • Will work with the MLA’s Director Coaching/Officials.

·       Will work in conjunction with the R.R.L.A. Scheduler and zone RIC’s when assigning officials to R.R.L.A. league and play-off games.

·       Will provide accurate records to the R.R.L.A. Treasurer for payment of officials.

·       Term of office - two (2) years.  Voting position

  • Referee-in-Chief will provide a fee schedule to be approved by the R.R.L.A Executive at their budget meeting.
  • Maintain Proper Records(Game Sheets, Discipline Reports, Game Reports)

The Zone Representative is responsible for:

  • Formation of a committee within the Zone, comprised of a four (4) person committee comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Registrar, Equipment and Facility Convenor. 4 of 6 Positions will form committee
  • Representation of the Zone at the R.R.L.A. Executive Board meetings and AGM’s; entitled to one (1) vote.
  • Ensuring that teams, players and coaches are properly registered with the R.R.L.A. Registrar.
  • Coordinating the administration of lacrosse within the Zone.


·       Discipline Committee

a) Deal with player, coaching staff and zone association discipline issues.  The President will appoint all members of the Discipline Committee annually. The Discipline Committee hearings will be comprised of three (3) neutral R.R.L.A. members who shall establish a chairperson for the committee. This committee will be empowered with the ability to make decisions regarding discipline on behalf of the R.R.L.A. and will meet as necessary, and as soon as possible upon notification of necessity of hearing. Chairperson will notify subject of hearing, the President of the R.R.L.A., the Zone representative and the MLA of the results of the hearing in writing immediately. (confirmed fax or e-mail acceptable.)  

            b)The Discipline Committee Chairperson shall ensure proper process and notification is provided to all parties.

            c)The Discipline Committee will convene to review all discipline issues Once a week during the months of May, June and July.  Thereafter the committee will meet as necessary.

·       Player Movement Committee

a) Deal with player movement requests.  The President will appoint all members of the Player Movement Committee yearly.  The Committee will establish a Chairperson.  The Player Movement Committee hearings will be comprised of three (3) neutral R.R.L.A. members.  This committee will bring forward recommendations from the hearing to the Executive Board and notify the Zone Representative of the results of the decision by the committee within 24 hours.  This committee will meet as required.  Requests for player movement will only be accepted between January 1st. and April 30th. of each year.

b) Chairperson will notify subject of hearing, the President of the R.R.L.A., the Zone representative and the MLA of the results of the hearing in writing immediately.  (confirmed fax or e-mail is acceptable.)

·       Marketing and Promotions Committee

a) This committee will work with the R.R.L.A. and the MLA to help promote the game of lacrosse.

           b) The committee will consist of a minimum of two (2) zone representatives who will report regularly to the R.R.L.A. Executive Board.

           c) The committee will be responsible for ordering awards (i.e. medallions and trophies) for the R.R.L.A. Play-offs.

           d) The committee will assist the MLA in the promotion and organization of the MLA’s annual Lacrosse weekend.

·       Appeals Committee

Appeals Committee - Refer to Section 4, Clause 6 Page 4-13, 4-14 & 4-15.  Also refer to Section 9 Appeals (draft operations manual), starting at 9.1 through to 9.41.11


1.        At the call of the President, he R.R.L.A. will meet on a monthly basis from January to December.  The R.R.L.A. will meet a minimum of nine times per year.

2.        The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be at the call of the President.  The AGM must be held prior to the MLA Annual General, between the fifteenth (15) day of August and the first (1st.) day of October of each year. 

3.        Special Meetings of the Association may be held at the call of the President, and the President shall call such meetings at the request of the majority of the Executive Board.

4.        A quorum for an Executive Board meeting shall be a simple majority.

5.        Notice of the Annual General Meeting or any Special Meeting shall be given in writing to all members of the Association in good standing, not later than twenty-one (21) days prior to the holding thereof.

6.        The following order of business shall be observed at the Annual General Meeting of the R.R.L.A.:

a)    Opening Remarks

b)    Minutes of Previous Meeting

c)     Treasurer’s Report

d)    Reports

e)    Resolutions, General or New Business

f)      Elections

g)    Annual Membership Fees

h)    Adjournment

7.        A quorum at any Annual General Meeting shall be a minimum of seven (7) members in good standing of the R.R.L.A.


8.1      The order of business at any of the regular meeting of the Executive Board of the Association shall be as follows:

a)        Call to Order - President

b)        Reading and approval of the Agenda - President

c)        Reading and Approval of minutes

·       Minutes of Previous Meeting and Correspondence - Secretary

d)        Business arising from minutes - President

e)        Treasurer - Financial Statement

·       Must be presented at all meetings in written/electronic form.

f)         Executive Reports - Refer to By-Law 4

g)        Old Business

h)        Committee Reports - Refer to By- Law 6

i)         Zone Reports

j)         New Business

Article 1       Executive Board Meetings - Attendance

a)        All members of the Executive Board are expected to attend all meetings. Failure of Zone representatives to attend will result in a fine of      $250.00.  

The Zone will be contacted prior to fine sheet being sent.  Each Zone will be allowed one (1) missed meeting pass per year. 

b)        If an Elected Officer misses three (3) meetings in a row they will be removed from their position and replaced by appointment of the Executive Board. 

c)        If three (3) meetings in a row are missed by a recognized zone, that zone will be suspended from the R.R.L.A. resulting in loss of voting privileges as well as suspended play between the suspended zone and other zone organizations. If suspension of a zone, Teams within the zone will be able to participate in remainder of games for the playing year.

Article 2       Fees

a)        The annual team and player fees for all recognized zones will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.  RATIONALE - The audited statement of the Association is presented at the AGM.  The team and player fees for the upcoming season should be able to be determined after reviewing the audited statement.  By setting the fees at this time it would assist the R.R.L.A./zones in the early promotion of the upcoming season. 

b)        The deadline date for submission of annual team and player fees and non-payment of said fees will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.


a)        Notice of all meetings of the Executive Board shall be given in writing and sent via       electronic mail to all members of the Executive Board not later than seven (7) days prior to the holding thereof.  The notice will include the date, time, location and tentative agenda.

b)        All minutes of the R.R.L.A. Executive Board meetings must be forwarded by the Secretary to Executive Board members no later than fourteen (14) days after the meeting date.

Article 4       EXPENSES

a)        All members of the Executive Board shall be entitled to reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred while engaged in business approved by the Executive Board.  Any two (2)of the following persons: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and MLA Executive Director may countersign all expense claims and ensure their validity.   


Failure of the R.R.L.A. Executive or Zone Associations to follow the guidelines as laid out in the R.R.L.A. Operating Policy may result in suspension.


The Constitution and By-Laws of the MLA are part of these By-Laws and shall apply to all matters not herein provided for.

BY-LAW 12 - AMENDMENT OF BY-LAWS,Articles,& Operating Policy

These By-Laws may be amended at the Annual Meeting or any Special Meeting of the Association, provided that thirty (30) days notice of the specific amendment has been given in writing to the Secretary, and provided further that twenty-one (21) days notice of the said Meeting has been given in accordance with By-Law 8 and such amendment is thereafter approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the votes cast at the Meeting.  A Motion to Amend the By-Laws may itself be amended at the Meeting by the same majority vote.

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