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Welcome to the 2018 Box Lacrosse season!

Welcome to the start of the season.

The league has seen some great camps and lots of participation to start this season. There is plenty of excitement!

The schedule has been released and we are looking forward to a great year.

One of the things we value most is the volunteer time put in by coaches, referees and various committee members for tournaments, etc.

Thank you all for your time and commitment to our athletes and our great sport. 

We continue to see growth in the sport in multiple areas. The competition in the league and the results of teams at international tournaments and at the nationals level demonstrate that we are developing on all fronts. Most important is that we are developing great young men and women. We are proud to continually get comments at national and international events about how great our kids are- polite, respectful and ambassadors to the sport. We cannot hear this enough. 

A major initiative this year (and every year) is to support the (mostly) young refs that are giving back to the sport and ensuring a fun & safe game for our kids. Please make a point to not only support the refs during the game, but thank them afterwards. No matter a Novice league game or the NLL Championship finals, being a ref is an almost no-win job. There will be calls we don't like and there will be things we disagree with. Keep in mind that we are attracting people to take on this task and they are giving up evenings, weekends and other personal time to support our sport. Let's make a point to give them the benefit of the doubt and support them, even if we don't agree. That makes the game better for us all. We don't have players making $30 million a year like in baseball and $12 million a year like hockey, so let's make sure we keep the 'game' in perspective.

Have a great season and we wish all teams all the best, lots of goals and lots of great memories.

RRLA Board.

2018 Schedule

The 2018 Box Lacrosse Schedule has been uploaded on the website. 

All Officiating Clinics are listed on the MLA website.

To Register as a Referee Click Here!

2018 Officiating Clinics

Box Lacrosse

Level 1/2 [$50.00]

April 8th, 2018— 8:00am-4:00pm

Level 3/4 [$75.00]

April 21st, 2018— 8:00am-4:00pm

All Box Officials Clinics will be held at:

Glenwood Community Centre

27 Overton Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2M 2X8


The RRLA has located enough timekeepers for the 2018 season.  If you are interested and are at least 14 years of age please send an email to Val Gingell at for the details of the clinics.
The plan is to have one in each arena if we have enough people in each zone to make it feasible.
There is a $10.00 charge for the clinic.
Time keepers make 11.00 per 1 Hour game.

All coaching clinics are listed on the MLA website.


2018 Coaching Clinics


Box Lacrosse

Competitive Introduction (Box Lacrosse) – April 14th-15th, 2018 (Glenwood Community Centre)

Community Development (Box Lacrosse) – April 22nd, 2018 (Glenwood Community Centre)

All coaching clinics will be held at:

Glenwood Community Centre

27 Overton Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2M 2X8

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